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4 Ways Advisors Can Add “Cheer” to this Holiday Season

By John A Kailunas II, CEO

The holiday season is the time of year that puts “giving back” to the forefront of our minds. For advisors looking to spread a little holiday cheer, we have suggested 4 actions or initiatives that can help others and reward your soul. Here are four ways advisors can spread the holiday spirit:

  1. Host a Donation Drive – There are toy drives, food drives, and clothing drives at this time of year. Pick a cause that touches your heart and have your office be a landing spot for client donations. You can coordinate collection and delivery depending on the charity. Promote your efforts to your client base and community. It is simple and, more importantly, impactful.
  2. Volunteer Your Time/Talents – Closing the office for a full or half day to help out your local community can be a great way to give back. The opportunities are plentiful from the Salvation Army, food banks, veteran and religious organizations. Not only does this help the less fortunate, but it can be focused as an office or team building event.
  3. Pro Bono Work – Like volunteering at your local charity of choice, pro bono work can be incredibly rewarding. Financial literacy is staggeringly low in the United States. Having a Pro Bono plan will allow you to help, and educate others while sharing the core talents of your firm. This is a great way to put your professional skills to use and help someone who could really benefit from your generosity.
  4. GEM of an Event – A GEM of an Event was put together, to bring people together, to educate and raise awareness about organizations that are changing the world. A GEM of an Event will remind you how easy it is to be generous.  We are all genetically wired to be generous, but often ‘life’ gets in the way.  Here you have an outlet to help make a difference while sharing that experience with friends and other like-minded people. This is a party with a purpose, an event for a cause that raises funds and awareness. To learn more about opportunities to be generous, please contact our firm at info@gemnetwork.org. We support ISF (http://isfsite.org) and the VAI (https://www.vai.org)
‘Tis the season for giving. Dig deep and increase the quality of life for those in need this holiday season. The warmth and good feeling that it generates will carry throughout the year.

Looking for more ways to build your practice? We can help — contact us today.