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The independent and privately-owned distribution and marketing arm of Regal Investment Advisors and Regulus Advisors 

We believe that an effective marketing campaign encompasses a variety of components — tactics in an overall strategy that are difficult to perform when building a money management firm. LIONSHARE was created out of a necessity for marketing and distributing our investment strategies to independent advisors affiliated with our RIA and Broker-Dealer. There are many talented portfolio managers, but not many organizations that specialize in distributing those strategies, hence the creation of LIONSHARE.

As all independent advisors learn and retain information differently, our approach is a model of consistency and professionalism. Our message is delivered in a multitude of formats to increase exposure, build managers' brand awareness, and reinforce the benefits of doing business on our platform. The regimen rotates through the manager roster and the different avenues keep the messages fresh and engaging. In addition, we have the opportunity to get external distribution due to our scale.

Your message and value proposition, crafted with help from our internal marketing team, will be used in a number of different marketing activities. These efforts will help build your brand with a consistent message using such principles as DRIP marketing programs to promote your strategy.

We know from experience that the distribution relationship cycle in financial services is a long 18-24 months. A consistent presence, from both passive and active marketing activities, moves relationships into friendships and strategic alliances. The creative and the internal/external wholesaling processes are expensive aspects of the distribution relationship cycle, but are integral and indispensable in the current marketplace. One challenge is that the key performance indicator of these efforts is activity and hard work, since the goal of most of the selling actions is to make strides in building a trusting relationship. LIONSHARE's ownership and management team knows this and drives accountability for these activities to produce more effective results. A brief outline of our platform, beliefs, and organization follows:

Proprietary Distribution

  • 150 Advisors and growing   
    • RIA
    • Broker-Dealer
    • Hybrid

Affinity Marketing Opportunities

  • Niche Market (FOP ServBlue)
  • Advisor Service Network Association Marketing
  • Producer Group white label
  • TAMP/SMA creation using platform products

How We Do It...

Hard Work
Rejection immunity — focus on goals and success

Leverage Technology
Passive marketing to keep opportunities warm and increase interest

Relationship Marketing
Building credibility — touch points with character

Proprietary Distribution
Proposal system with turnkey solutions based on risk tolerance

White Label
Independent small RIAs, affinity marketing

Keys to LionShare Distribution: Land, Sea, & Air

Marketing and Branding is Business "War"

  • Email blasts — casting a broad net
  • Event marketing
  • Direct mail DRIP
  • Boots on the ground — relationships
  • Speaking events — IMOs national footprint
  • Case design/150 affiliates
  • Educational webinars
  • Fork in the Road events

Contact Don Carlson to build your brand and increase
your assets under management with LIONSHARE